October 3, 2012

Reader Request: Trendy Fitness Clothes for Muslim Women

Reader Saman Quraeshi, of Biscuits & Banarsi, writes that she's been on the prowl for trendy Muslim gym clothes.

We hear ya.  Just because you're getting down and dirty, going in for a sweat-fest is no reason to look like you just raided your older brother's rejected fitness clothes.  While they take some more time to track down, modest fitness clothes do exist and we've done the legwork to find them for you.

The winner of this round of internet shopping in the long fitness top category is this Adidas "Response Long Tee."  It features their Climalite fabric, offering intense sweat-wicking for those calorie-blasting moves during your favorite workout.

Nike's Epic Women's Training pants, these buttery-soft, harem-inspired loose workout pants, remind me of every dance mashup on Dancing With The Stars/Step Up/Save the Last Dance.  If you're looking to splurge (or don't mind waiting for the sale), these loose pants might fit your Islamic gym style profile.

Browse below for under $50 tops and pants.  Sleeveless tops should be layered with a jacket or long-sleeve top to achieve that modest, Muslim gym queen look.


Anonymous said...

http://hydrochic.com/ They specialize in modest sportswear that can do double duty as swimwear or gymwear.

Farrah said...

We love HydroChic! We did a giveaway with them earlier this year! Are you a HydroChic customer? We're hoping to do another giveaway with them in the near future.


Saman said...


Awesome ideas! Love them all, but those Nike Harem pants are AMAZING looking! Thanks for the post I'll be sharing this with our readers.

Farrah said...

Thanks Saman! I am in LOVE with those pants and will be stalking them for a sale - and will definitely post when that happens! Cute workout pants that are appropriate for Muslim women are my white whale! Thank you for sharing the post! Good request! Keep them coming!



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